The World Unwinds


Now that I have your attention, please suggest fandoms and characters! Looking for ideas of what to make for Anime Boston. Please, please, please reblog so I can get a variety of ideas!

You can either reblog with your suggestions or send me an Ask.

Thank you!

A week from tomorrow is Queen City Kamikaze in Manchester, NH. I like this con because I don’t have to do much for it except pack my crap up. No dealing with tax obnoxiousness. No table or entry fees. No parking hassles. Just show up, set up, and sell.

Very relaxing, especially after the crazy stress month that was January @_@. Anime Boston, why can’t you be more like this?

After QCK back to working on art for AB. Thankfully most of the higher stressed stuff is over and done with.

-Wobble Suggestions-

I make polymer clay figures to sell at conventions/online/etc. I already have a line-up of characters I’m going to do/have done for Anime Boston but I’d thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of sorts and start asking what characters should I consider doing for my next convention?

Please make sure your character/fandom has not already made the list before you suggest it (

To make it more fun, answer in gifs/pictures C:

Please reblog for maximum input. Thank you!