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All the SDCC stuff is starting to upset me. This would of been the perfect year to go! They seriously need to duplicate this con exactly on the east coast. I’m contemplating Boston CC but I son’t think it will be as awesome

Every year is a perfect year to go to SDCC lol But, too far and too expensive, for me at least.

I get the feeling BCC is growing very, and I mean VERY quickly. They have a huge number of big name guests lined up this year and many if not all the hotels within walking distance of the con are pretty much booked up so that’s something to go on.

The trouble I think with panels and events is their location. They used to be at the Hynes, where Anime Boston has been, but after the Marathon Bombing, BCC moved to the Seaport, which from what I gather, is smaller. The Seaport seems to have a huge floor plan that includes not only dealers but artists and a separate area for autographs and photos with guests, all in one room.

But not including this one room there seems to be only 10 areas for other stuff like panels to be held. TEN, that’s it. And it was over 15k attendance last year.

Hopefully they’ll move back to the Hynes next year not only to space people out, but also so that more panels and events and the like can happen.

BCC is expensive though…Only able to go because I’m selling there.





i could see that. 

i would watch that.

now that’s something that would be worth watching

"Daniel could be Snape"

I’m actually 1100% behind this

↳ triwizard tournament

"Eternal glory! That’s what awaits the student who wins The Triwizard Tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks."

"When you drift with someone, you feel like there’s nothing to talk about"


Look upon thy death.—William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act I, Scene I


Look upon thy death.
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act I, Scene I


Chibi the conure relaxes and enjoys scritches (source)


You can call me, The Riddler!

Batman Forever


i’m literally about to cry this is so cute


i’m literally about to cry this is so cute


Nathan Fillion’s panel Q&A at Phoenix Comic Con | June 7, 2014 (x)

Q: If Firefly had gone on longer, what is something you would’ve hoped to have gotten to do with either just Mal or the story in general?

And they’re all beagles, right?




With out sound his lips read ‘You piece..of poo poo’





With out sound his lips read
‘You piece..of poo poo’




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if the battle of five armies has to happen then i want it to be super fucking dramatic i want slow motion and muted battle sounds and haunting elvish ladies singing over the top i want to be emotionally destroyed and beyond words

you go hard or you go home

Blueberries, or mold?


So, other B&N people might remember when we still had Cheesecake Factory muffins…
The blueberry ones would sometimes have a kinda greenish tint to the dough, from the blueberries, and that’s not entirely uncommon. Some blueberries are more green, others more purple, I’ve noticed that just from eating different varieties of blueberries. (I would especially notice this if a delivery didn’t get put away right away and they had time to that a bit before being put in the freezer.) So, not even a big deal, right?

WRONG according to this charming customer I dealt with one day…

Customer: So… can you tell me why these BLUEberry muffins look kind of GREEN?
Me: Oh, that’s just because of juice from the blueberries getting into the dough. It can happen in the baking process or in the thawing process.
Customer: Yes, but blueberries are supposed to be blue, not green.
Me: Not really? I’ve only ever seen them actually look blue in cooked food if artificial coloring is used… most look more green or purple, depending on the variety…
Customer: Yeah, well when MY food is green, I call it mold and I don’t eat it. So maybe you should stop making excuses and throw away your bad food. *walks away*

That was my entire conversation with this guy. Him criticizing me for selling apparently moldy food that was, in fact, perfectly fine/edible/just thawed THAT FUCKING DAY. 

Sooo this customer doesn’t eat vegetables, a lot of which are green?

Blueberries are some the weirdest things ever and have a variety of colors up their sleeves. They’re blue on the outside, green on the inside, but when you squish them or make jam, its purple.

Also the blue of the fruit combined with the yellow of the cake I think makes a color called GREEN.

JFC some people…


Okay, you’re solid.

Arthur’s Mantle | Stargate SG-1 | s09e18